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Plywood Siding Costs

Plywood siding costs will typically run $3 - $6.50 per square foot fully installed. Plywood is a lower end wood product that is often painted and comes in either a horizontal clapboard, vertical or board and batten siding style.

-- Price Range: $3.50 to $6.50 psf installed --

Plywood Basics

Plywood siding is a simple and inexpensive way to clad you're home and has a somewhat rural or unadorned look to it. The cost of the siding, sometimes referred to as T111 wood, is anywhere from $.75 to a $1.50 per square foot.

-- Cost Of The Plywood: $.75 to $1.50 psf installed --

Additional Siding Materials

The cost of additional siding materials will certainly vary by project, but should run somewhere between $1 and $2 per square foot. Additional siding material include such items as J channels, F channels, starter courses, housewrap, trim pieces, soffits, collated nails, as well as any other decorative pieces.

-- Additional Materials: $1 to $2 psf installed --

Installation Costs

Installation will run $1 to $3 per square foot, depending on whether the boards need to be painted and or primed. In general, plywood siding is quite easy to install and does not require any more than two individuals to accomplish the task. Painting and priming will usually add one dollar per square foot to any job.

-- Installation: $1 to $3 psf installed --

Completed Project Pricing

Completed project pricing will run $3 - $6.50 for the plywood, all additional materials, and the cost of the labor and installation The quality of the plywood used, the complexity of the materials and installation, as well as whether the plywood needs to be primed and painted will be the main determinants of whether the siding pricing is at the lower end or the higher end of this price range.

-- Price Range: $3.50 to $6.50 psf installed --

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