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Recommending Siding Brands & Products

Discover the best siding brands and options for your home. These are recommendations from contractors and installers, as well as Consumer Reports siding ratings.

Engineered Wood

Heartland CedarMAX - This engineered wood siding from Heartland is one of the sturdier house siding options out there, making for straighter walls than one would typically get with a non-foam backed product. The pricing for CedarMAX amounts to approximately $2 per square foot for the product alone (there is $1 psf for extra materials and $2 psf for install. For a basic, straight-forward project it would be $5 psf total). The feature options vary for CedarMAX thanks to 17 different colors, 3 profiles, and its .050 thickness. Consumer Reports gives this product an 83 rating, which is the highest rating received for its class. It is therefore one of CR's recommendations.

Fiber Cement

Nichiha Sierra Premium - The Nichiha Sierra has aesthetic appeal as well as a sturdy design as a fiber cement siding. The Sierra Premium Smooth can come pre-primed and costs $1.60 per square foot, which is approximately twice as much as what is charged for a non-foam backed vinyl. This board is offered in a single profile and has a .50 thickness. Nichiha is known for its decent products despite having a single production plant located in Georgia and therefore can be difficult to find in certain areas some distance away. The Nichiha Sierra ranks at 76 with Consumer Reports as the highest rated product within its class, coming highly recommended from CR.

HardiePlank Select Cedarmill - The Select Cedarmill comes from James Hardie, one of the leaders in the industry for fiber cement boards. These boards have a .313 thickness and can also come pre-primed. The price for just the siding product is about $2 per square foot. Consumer Reports rates it at 73 and is one of the fiber cement products recommendations.

Shingles & Shakes

Cedar Impressions - The Impressions are 1" thick, placing them among the thickest and sturdiest vinyl shingles available on the market. Certainteed pricing for this product is especially higher than most at about $3.15 psf for it. Eight various styles, textures, sizes and colors are available for the Impressions series. Consumer Reports ranks it at 95, making it the highest rated product within its class and highly recommended by CR.

Vinyl Siding

Royal Duraplank - For a double hem siding with foam backing, the Duraplank is a great option. It is offered in 3 profiles, 12 color choices and has a .054 thickness. You should expect it to cost around $2.10 per square foot. Consumer Reports give the Duraplank an 80 ranking, putting them in second behind the Heartland CedarMAX.

KP Norman Rockwell - This product offers 2 profiles, 22 color selections and has .044 thickness. As a non-foam back vinyl, the Norman Rockwell is cheaper in comparison to the Duraplank (mostly due to a lack of insulation) and is about $1.65 per square foot. Consumer Reports rates this product at 79.

Norandex Polar Wall Plus - Among house siding options, this insulated cladding comes recommended for a number of features such as 20 color options and a .046 thickness. It should come to around $2 per square foot. The Norandex Polar Wall Plus ranks equally with the Norman Rockwell at 79 from Consumer Reports.

HeartTech Polymer - This is Heartland's standard vinyl siding, which is offered in 4 profiles, 22 colors and with .044 thickness. The price range is reasonable at about $.75 per square foot. HeartTech Polymer ranks just under the two previous products at 77 on Consumers ratings, making it a good recommendation since it is significantly cheaper than the others.

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