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Fiber Cement Siding Calculator

Our fiber cement siding calculator estimates project pricing based on a number of important factors. We will explain each one and dissect how they affect the overall siding cost equation.

Siding Material

This question isn't very applicable in this circumstance since we are talking about fiber cement. Certainly there are different grades, brands and quality of products on the market, but our estimator factors this in later on during the question on budget.

Removal Cost

The industry standard cost to remove the existing siding on a home is $0.50 per square foot. Therefore, if you answer yes to this question, our fiber cement siding estimator adds $.50 per square foot to the project cost.


This is an important question because there are huge price differences from one project to another. If you hire a local handyman, they are going to charge a much lower per square price than a licensed and experienced contractor. We also apply the budget answer to the psf cost of the fiber cement itself.

Project Size

Certainly the size of the siding project is a key factor to calculating price. Once we have the cost per square foot, we simply multiply this cost to the estimated number of square feet of the replacement project. Select a project size from 1000 sq ft all the way up to 7000 sq ft in 250 sq ft increments.

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