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Browse all of our Gentek siding reviews from contractors, installers, homeowners and consumers who can provide insight into the quality of their products and customer service.

Good Quality

We are in the process of choosing vinyl siding for our New York property. I have narrowed down my selection to Georgia Pacific and Gentek. Everyone in our area seems to stick with Georgia Pacific, but it doesn't come with the rolled nail hem, which seems to come with the Gentek product. Apparently Gentek have had some problems with their aluminum siding options, but have good reviews on their vinyl options. Does anyone know these products that can give me some advice on which one to go with?

Harold: Homeowner - 2013

[Contractor Response]

I do a lot of siding jobs in my local area and Gentek is one of the siding manufacturers that I recommend to my customers. Both my customers and I are always thrilled with the result. You will find all siding companies offer a limited warranty, this is usually lifetime which includes fade protection. Over time, any vinyl product will start to fade, the warranty will state how many shades will be acceptable before it's considered as a problem that requires replacement. I must admit I haven't had experience with Georgia Pacific, so I am not able to provide you with a fair comparison.

Don - Contractor – 2013

Gentek or Royal

I love working with Royal siding. I think it is the higher quality product over Gentek. It's stronger, thicker and more durable and I love the extra fold they put on their nailing strip.

Ethan - Contractor - from 2010

A Question of a Technical Nature

I am in the process of putting soffits on my home. There is currently bead board which is a tongue and groove system and there are a few boards which are in desperate need of replacement. I need to know if the 4 x 8 inch MDF boards I am thinking of will work.

Barry - Homeowner - 2008

[Contractor Response]

You may want to have a look at the Gentek vinyl beaded soffit. It's a rigid product which is perfect for overhangs and porches. I am not sure where you live, so I can't say if it is available in your area. I have heard that Royal also makes a good bead board, which you may want to look at if the Gentek board isn't available in your area. Vinyl is a much better option over MDF, they will last longer and are more durable. They don't rot and I would recommend you use those over your MDF idea.

Don - Contractor - 2008

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