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Everlast Siding Reviews

Browse our Everlast siding reviews from installers, homeowners contractors and consumers who can provide insight into the quality of these products and company customer service.

Everlast or Apex

I went with Apex only because Marvin handled the installation. I didn't want a siding that required maintenance as I am over eighty. Ideally I wanted something that would last without me having to do anything to it. I was going to use Everlast, but was warned that it needs regular caulking and that was too much work for me to do. I am pleased with my choice and feel it was the best decision based on my personal circumstances. If I was a little younger, I may have still gone ahead with the Everlast because I love the look of it.

2012: Steven – Homeowner

Siding on My One Hundred Year Old Home

I am busy choosing siding to go on my Boston home which is over one hundred years old. I can't put just any siding on and it needs to blend in with the overall style and design of the property. Originally I was going with Everlast composite siding. I loved the look of it and it fitted the style of our home perfectly, until I saw it in the light and it shone. Then I heard about Apex, but it's not available in my local area. I called up Apex and they sent me to Abbington where they were siding a home so I could see it in person. I love the look and we placed the order there and then with the same contractor carrying out the Abbington installation.

2013: Debbie – Homeowner

Make Sure Your Representative Has Good Everlast Knowledge

What many people don't realize is that the Everlast siding is a PVC / vinyl siding which uses inorganic fillers to stop it from expanding. I am a wary of this type of product so think it's so important to have a representative with good knowledge on the product. What about the flashing? Would Tyvek seal it enough? I've read up on the Everlast site, but can't find answers to my questions.

I then found another option from a manufacturer where there is room behind the boards for the siding and there was a wealth of information on this. Because Everlast doesn't provide enough information, you may want to find a fantastic representative to help you.

2012: Reggie - Contractor

[Homeowners Response]

I recently read up on Everlast where they use resin and mixed ground rock. My neighbor is the one that chose it as their siding and they seem really pleased with the result. They did have some installation problems, but that was nothing to do with the siding itself. In answer to your one question, the joints do need flashing.

2012: Terence - Homeowner

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