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Durabuilt Siding Reviews

Read Durabuilt siding reviews from installers, contractors, homeowners and consumers to get opinions on products, quality, customer service, warranty and more.

Good Product, Poor on Delivery

After reading through the Durabuilt siding reviews, we went with the vinyl siding a year ago. Overall I am thrilled with the Durabuilt siding and have experienced no problems. It is unfortunate that the company's customer services team don't stand up to the same quality as their product. The panels arrived late and when I called, I was just pushed from pillar to post and told they were on their way. They did arrive eventually and now they look spectacular on my home.

Drew - Consumer - from 2012


I chose the Durabuilt insulated vinyl siding and I am thrilled with the result. I had them installed a few years ago and they not only look nice, but they were easy to install. Since the installation we've experienced some heavy storms and the siding has had no trouble with the weather. I give it a good wash every few months and it comes up gleaming. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to any homeowner.

Billy - Consumer - from 2011

Good Siding For the Price

When we had the siding done on our home, we went with the lower end vinyl options from Durabuilt. At the time I didn't realize we had chosen the low end siding and it does get banged quite a bit here. I have often seen our lawnmower throwing up stones which hit the side of the house leaving marks. Then again, I cannot complain when I think about how much we paid. If we had more money in the budget, I would have gone with a more expensive option, maybe a cement siding. But for the price, this vinyl siding does the job and it does it well.

Candy - Consumer - from 2011

Keep Some Spare in the Shed

We had Durabuilt vinyl siding put on our home around eight years ago. Shortly afterwards a stone was thrown from the lawnmower and literally ripped one of the panels, which we needed to have repaired. When we had the repair done we got some extra siding which I now keep in the shed. A few months ago we had to replace a piece and because it is vinyl and doesn't fade, we could use a spare piece from the shed and do the repair ourselves.

Jenna - Consumer - from 2009

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