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Craneboard Siding Reviews

Read Craneboard siding reviews from installers, contractors, homeowners and consumers to get opinions on products, quality, customer service, warranty and more.

Great Product – Great Result

I did a lot of research, reading through the Craneboard siding reviews before choosing Craneboard for my siding project around two years ago. I am thrilled with the result. This is a highly durable and high quality vinyl product and I found it to be cheaper than Hardie, which seems to be a very popular choice. The only complaint I have is that the seams are visible, which I am not too keen on, but overall it's a great product that offered a great result.

2007 - Donald - Real Estate Agent

Know Your Options

I think it's important for homeowners to know what is available because many contractors won't tell them that there is a difference between conventional and insulated siding. Craneboard is good quality, but it's also breathable, this allows any moisture which does build up to escape. I always recommend insulated siding to my customers, it's a great product and it is made to last.

2008 - Kevin – Contractor

Contractor Review

I have extensive experience using Craneboard and have used it for a number of years. It is a great looking siding that resembles cedar. I find many of the contractors in my area try and talk their customers into going with insulated siding, claiming it to be more energy efficient, but as long as the panels are correctly installed and XPS insulation board is used, there should be no difference when it comes to insulation. I always recommend Craneboard to my customers.

2012 - James – Contractor

Poor Installation

I didn't know that Craneboard is vinyl when I chose it, if I had known I would have gone with the more expensive choice and gone with Hardie. I must admit though, the Craneboard isn't bad in looks when you think that it is a cheaper vinyl siding. My problem was the installation, I learned my lesson and from now on will only use knowledgeable installation experts.

2012 - Steven - Homeowner

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