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CertainTeed Siding Reviews

Read CertainTeed siding reviews from installers, consumers, contractors and homeowners as they relate their own experiences with this siding manufacturer.

Highly Recommended

I've read through the Certainteed siding reviews and want to share my experience. I previously had plain vinyl siding on my home and can't say I was impressed by it. Not only was the installation poor, but so was my entire experience with the product. When we moved into this home I did extensive research and we chose the Certainteed Impressions. We have a ranch style home and I still get complements on the siding today. It was an affordable option at only $5,000 for 5,200 square feet and I would highly recommend this siding to anyone.

Andrea - Homeowner – 2013

Certainteed or Smart Siding

Our builder is the one who suggested we go with Smart Siding. I had a look at some properties who used this product and I really liked it, except they didn't offer it in the color I liked. We then found Certainteed Impressions and I am delighted with the outcome.

Jennifer - Homeowner – 2011

Great Product

I had Certainteed Carolina siding installed just last week. I am so happy with the finished product. I was going to go with Hardie and so pleased I chose the Certaineed instead. Even our contractor liked it, he told us it was easy to install and everyone who has visited our home since has commented on it. I chose granite gray and it looks simply spectacular. What a great product. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality siding.

Belinda - Homeowner – 2011

Maintenance Free Fiber Cement Siding

I chose Certainteed fiber cement siding for my home over ten years ago. I love it, not only does it look like real cedar, but it doesn't require any maintenance. I watch my neighbors as they constantly work at their siding, mine looks fantastic day in and out. I chose it and did the installation myself. It came with an impressive fifty year warranty and I would recommend it to anyone.

Wally - Homeowner – 2010

Certainteed or James Hardie

My contractor was pushing for me to go with James Hardie siding instead of Certainteed. He said that Certainteed tends to be on the brittle side. I then found out that my contractor uses coal ash. When I saw a report of 60 Minutes about the problems with using coal ash I decided to go with Certainteed. What I did find interesting is that Certainteed and James Hardie are both environmentally friendly, which is so important when making any decisions regarding your home these days.

Hazel - Homeowner – 2010

Certainteed or Hardie

I think that installation is as important as the product itself. In cases where the builder doesn't know Hardie well, the Certainteed fiber cement siding is a great alternative. I know of people who have had problems with Hardie, most of them are peeling, but this is often due to installation and the primer not being done properly.

David - Homeowner – 2010

Bad Quality

I chose Certainteed for our new home a couple of years ago. I knew it was one of the lower grade vinyl options, but our budget wouldn't allow for any more. The saying "you get what you pay for" couldn't be truer and I learned the hard way in the first storm we had in our new home. The siding was so badly dented from hail stones. In the end, I wish I had spent a little more and bought a higher quality product. I will never use Certainteed in the future and wont' recommend anyone else does either.

Reggie - Homeowner – 2009

Interested in Certainteed

I am searching for information on the Certainteed fiber cement siding, as well as Hardiboard. I am in the process of siding my home and could do with some advice. Our builder is recommending the Hardiboard, because this is what he knows. Personally I like Certaineed and they also offer a good twenty five year warranty, which I really like. Price is going to be a big deciding factor for me, but I would appreciate any recommendations that anyone has on this.

2009 - Ashley - Homeowner

[Homeowner Response]

It doesn't matter which one you go with, ensure you choose a factory painted siding. This will save you money in the long run. Otherwise you'll be charged for on-site painting, which can quickly add up.

When we had the choice between Certainteed and Hardi, I found it rather confusing because the estimate wasn't broken down. My builder quoted for the job and not for each siding company, so I was under the impression I had to go with Certainteed even though Hardie was the one that had the color I really liked. Ask your builder, you may find he has just given one quote because apparently the prices on the two are very similar.

2009 - Bruce – Homeowner

Certainteed or Alside

I see a wide variety of vinyl siding options. Personally I feel that Certainteed and Alcoa Mastic are good options over Alside Prodigy. Alside is popular with homeowners, but I would recommend shopping around before making a final decision.

Peter - Siding Professional - 2009

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