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Browse Canexel siding reviews from installers and homeowners for their opinions on the products and customer service from Canexel.

The Siding Shrinks

I've read the Canexel siding reviews to see if anyone has encountered the same problem I have recently. I have used many different sidings with various projects over the years, but found my last two jobs where the customer requested Canexel siding, shrunk. It was so bad that the joint couldn't be covered. Apparently they have discontinued this siding, but it is still available in Canada. If anyone else has had this problem, I would love to hear from you.

2008: Donovan - Contractor

[Contractor Reply]

Hi there, yes I've experienced this a few times myself with the Canexel siding. The problem is mostly seen when the siding hasn't been stored correctly, making it a nightmare when it comes to installation. I've also seen this occur with Hardiboard, so it's not only the Canexel siding that does it. Apparently when the siding gets wet before installation it can shrink. The problem is that it doesn't help you and leaves you with a difficult situation where the customer may think you have done a poor

2008: Michael – Contractor

Vinyl or Wood Composite

I am busy finding out as much as I can on the various siding options. Where I live we are prone to hail storms and poor weather conditions, so I need to ensure I choose the best siding that can withstand these harsh conditions. Vinyl is appealing because of the price, but I've been told the wood composite is a durable solution, so I am really not sure which one to go with. I am waiting for an estimate from Canexel, but if anyone has any recommendations in the meantime, I would really appreciate it.

2009: Sandra a Homeowner

[Homeowner Response]

I recommend Canexel. We had it on our home for over twelve years and when we moved out it looked as good as the day it was installed. A small piece was damaged when our barbeque fell over and burned it, I grabbed some pieces I had over in the shed and it matched up exactly the same. When we moved we chosen wooden clapboard and I am still wishing I had gone with Canexel instead.

2009: Linda - Homeowner

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