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Apex Siding Reviews

Read Apex siding reviews from homeowners contractors, installers, and consumers on their siding lines and profiles, customer service information and quality of their warranty.


I've been looking at the Apex siding reviews to decide what to do about my siding project. After shopping around for prices I still haven't received a Hardiboard estimate, this is making it exceptionally difficult to compare it to the other estimates I have receives, including for Apex siding. My house is 1,900 square foot and for Apex I was told it will be $4.64 per sf. The labor is around $1.43 per sf. This is a complete price which includes both outside and inside, flashing, trim, corners and delivery. Fascia and faux beams are excluded and need to be purchased separately. Is this a good deal?

2012: Harold – Homeowner

Installation Nightmare

Our carpenter did the installation of the Apex siding for us, but advised it can be a nightmare to install. He tried to sway us towards Hardiboard, which is apparently the easiest one when it comes to installation, but we just loved the Apex siding after we saw it being installed on another property.

2012: Candace – Homeowner

Maintenance Free

I'm not a youngster, I'm in my eighties and therefore it was very important that the siding I chose was completely maintenance free. Apex was my firm choice, mainly because Marvin handled the installation. I was interested in Everlast, but once I was told it required caulking I started to worry about its life span. I am very pleased with my Apex siding decision and feel I couldn't have chosen better. It looks fantastic, doesn't require any maintenance and will last for years.

2012: Steven – Homeowner

Contractor Review

I was recently able to get my hands on the Apex siding samples and I am really impressed. In addition to it feeling good, it is smooth and the corner trims are visually appealing. The profile is great, but because I haven't seen it as a finished project, I am unable to compare it to the various options available on the market.

2012: Brian – Contractor

Dramatic Price Differences

We are busy with a siding project and I have chosen the Apex siding in a beautiful clay color. We have done extensive research into siding before coming to this decision and I learned so much. NuCedar is definitely the more popular option, but what many homeowners don't realize is that you need a different trim because it tends to contract and expand. This wasn't an option for us with the trim we have. Hardiboard was the next popular option, but apparently it absorbs moisture and should never be used in damper climates. I was told the last thing you want is snow settling on the board. So that wasn't an option for us either. In the end it was Apex that ticked all the boxes for us. It's made from fiberglass and doesn't expand, contract or absorb moisture. It looks fantastic and is affordably prices. I must admit that I was amazed how the prices differed from product to product. Apex the middle price at $400 per square meter. Hardiboard was the cheapest option at $240 per square meter and NuCedar, which is apparently the popular choice varied from $400 to $450 per square meter.

2013: Tracy – Homeowner

Century Old Boston Home with Apex Siding

We are busy siding our Boston home which is over one hundred years old. I had to do extensive research and go through mountains of samples for siding because of the age of our home, trying to find that one that matched the property. Everlast was originally my first choice, which is a composite option, but unfortunately when the light caught it at the right angle, it shone. I actually found out about Apex siding online, they don't offer it in my local area which is so disappointing, but the company did direct me to Abbington where there was siding going onto a property. We took a trip for the day and went to have a look and I was sold hook, line and sinker, it's absolutely perfect for our home. It looks just like clapboard siding, so I ensured I got the same Abbington contractor and now we're just waiting for the work to start.

2013: Debbie – Homeowner

Modern Home Perfection

Marvin has had a good name in the window industry for years and Apex is their siding range, made from fiberglass. I was so disappointed that it's not the right choice for my Cape Cod cottage, because it ticked all the other boxes when it comes to siding. Its better suited to modern homes and can enhance the style of the home with all the bold colors available.

2013: Jackson - Homeowner

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