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Alside Siding Reviews

Read Alside siding reviews from contractors, homeowners and consumers and find opinions on their siding products, customer service, warranty information and more.

Easy and Maintenance Free

I've been through all the Alside siding reviews and am thrilled that I chose Alside vinyl siding when I worked on my home about ten years ago. Since then I've done no maintenance and it still looks fantastic. I did go with the wooden effect and was so impressed when it was done, it looks real, and you can barely tell its vinyl. I found the company I deal with professional and I can only recommend the product. What a winner!

2008: Justin – Homeowner

Alside, Alcoa Mastic or Certainteed

I work in the siding business and must say that I think that the Certainteed and Alcoa Mastic are better options over the Alside Prodigy options. I know that Alside is an exceptionally popular choice with homeowners, but I would definitely look at the other options available first, before making any decisions.

2009: Peter - Siding Professional

Good Quality Siding That's Easy to Install

I have a lot of experience with siding and have worked on numerous homes in my local area. Of these around ten have chosen the Alside Prodigy siding option and I must say I love working with it. Not only is it available in 16 inch panels, but it is so easy to install. In addition to this it looks fantastic and provides good insulation while reducing the seams. Overall a great choice for homeowners looking for a good quality siding product.

2010: Richard – Contractor

Poor Service and Warranty – Disappointed

I am one of the homeowners who cannot get excited about Alside siding and personally, they are not a name I would recommend to anyone. I had a very unfortunate experience dealing with this company, whose customer service department is in desperate need of training. I completed all the documentation they needed, only to get a reply advising me that my property was not covered under their warranty. I called them to try and sort out the problem, but found this an impossible situation with managers that are never available. Those I did manage to speak to only said I would get a letter. Yes I did, why did they think I was wasting my time calling them day after day? Terrible service, not recommended!

2010: Andrea – Homeowner

Great Product but Poor Installation

I chose Alside vinyl siding and have no complaints about the product itself, my problem comes in with the installation. My project started six very long weeks ago and it's still ongoing. I seem to spend all of my day phoning Sears without any results. Some parts are lose after the drip edge was removed, there are gaps in the thermal barrier and the list continues. Sears is blaming the weather, not the contractor they chose to complete the job. It's a never ending nightmare.

2011 : Andrew – Homeowner


I installed Alside Conquest vinyl siding on my home about six years ago and cannot fault it in any way. I live in an area where storms are common and believe me, we've encountered through a few, including a tornado. Afterwards a few siding pieces needed replacing but that was it, which was pretty impressive. I love the overall finish of the product and even after what the siding has been put through, the color is as good as the day it was installed. When it comes to me needing to replace the siding again, I will definitely choose Alside. I recommend this siding to all homeowners who are looking for a good quality and competitively priced siding for their home.

2011 : Jason - Homeowner

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